10 practical tips to get you through your first major hike in Banff: Advice for Beginners

Now I’m not sure if you guys know this about me, but I’m not a natural born athlete. Scratch that. I’m not an athlete. At all. I’m just a normal chick who loves the outdoors. So if I can get through a major hike with minimal experience, you can too. If you are gearing up to go on your first major hike in Banff (or anywhere!), or multi day hike, and a freaking out because you are a rookie, have no fear! I believe in you. And hopefully these 10 tips will get you through it and coming out the other side smiling (although if you need a drink I’ll understand completely).

Essential Canberra mountain biking trails for all mountain and enduro lovers: A guide for visitors and locals

I decided to write this blog about the essential mountain biking trails in Canberra based on my experience, because it really has saved my Australian experience. If you’re new to the ACT area, or thinking about coming, and love getting out for some good fun then read on and hopefully my experience will give you a good idea about what lies ahead!

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